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Owner of an unoccupied or vacant building?

You have moved and want to sell your residence? You have inherited? You are leaving town for a long while?

These are all reasons for which you can find yourself with an unoccupied or vacant building. Most insurers do not offer coverage for this situation for very long.

Having an unoccupied or vacant building is difficult to insure when shopping for new business with an insurer or getting a policy renewed. Some insurers will go so far as to cancel coverage if the periode of vacancy exceeds their normes.

What is the difference between unoccupied and vacant?

: leaving a certain time with the intention of returning.

Vacant: leaving without the intention of returning.

If insurers do not want to cover you because a building is unoccupied, it’s probably because the periode does not meet their norms. When a building is vacant, if you are already insured, the insurer may accept to cover for a few months, but if the building remains vacant, the policy will most likely be cancelled.

Even if standard insurers cancel your coverage, we have the capacity to find you insurance in the specialized insurance market while things get back to normal.

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