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Insurance after a cancellation

Your policy has been non-renewed or cancelled?

When an insurer cancels or refuses to renew your insurance policy, most regular insurers will refuse in turn to insure you for at least two years, no matter the reason the first insurer had to refuse you.

This delay can be prolonged but each case is different and it is determined by the reason for which the policy was refused.

Certain of our insurers will accept to insure you for house and car or business even if you are refused elsewhere. By thoroughly evaluating your case we can find an insurer for you.

We can help you if you have been cancelled for:

• Non-payment of premiums

• Recommendations non-completed

• High accident rate

• False declarations

• Discovery of a criminal record

• Suspended driver’s license

• Etc.

Can't Get Insurance is specialized in hard to insure cases. Even if your situation is not listed above, we recommend you give us call. Our mission is to find you a solution and we like a challenge!

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