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Insurance with a criminal record

What is the impact of having a criminal record for my insurance?

Having a criminal record, or living under the same roof as someone who has a criminal record is considered an aggravation of risk for insurers no matter the accusations.

Even if an insurance broker or an insurer does not ask you the question you must reveal this information. If you do not, the insurer could state that, having known, he would not have accepted to cover the risk.

However, there are specialized insurers who accept the risk for criminal records. At Can’t get Insurance we have the solution, and as brokers we aim to offer you the best coverages for the best price.

We have the expertise to help you if you have been accused of:

• Possession

• Fraud (except toward an insurer)

• Breaking and entering

• Theft

• Vandalisme

• Shoplifiting

• Etc.

Can't Get Insurance is specialized in hard to insure cases. Call us to find out what insurance solutions we have for you!

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