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Can't get insurance?

Be it your car, your home or your business, we have the solution!

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We are specialized in cases where getting insurance is problematic, get a quote and save!

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Have a problem with car, home or business insurance?

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Be it your car, your home or your business, we have the solution!

At Hard to Get Insurance, we have the expertise to insure difficult cases. We have access to specialized insurers who will help you where regular insurers decline. It is thanks to these partnerships that we can offer you the best coverages at competitive prices.

Even if this situation may be somewhat difficult, we help you look to the future! Standard insurers won’t say no forever. Ask one of our brokers to explain to you what our specialized insurance program can do for you!


For example...


You have been cancelled for non-payment and are having difficulty finding another insurance company?


Being unlucky isn’t a crime but insurers will penalize fast for multiple claims in a short lapse of time.


When shopping for home or car insurance, most insurers will ask if you have a criminal record.


As insurance brokers, we have made it our mission to help people with impaired driving records.

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Personal lines

We have insurance solutions specialized for personal lines.


Having access to several insurers at to the Lloyd’s market, we have notable options.